Nail Art & Polishes


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Nail Art, Polish, Extensions, Refills


Gel Polish (Solid Colors) – Short, Gel Polish (Solid Colors) – Medium, Gel Polish (Solid Colors) – Long, Neon Gel Polish – Short, Neon Gel Polish – Long, Glitter / Shimmer Gel Polish – Short, Glitter / Shimmer Gel Polish – Long, Ombre / Special Gel Polish – Short, Ombre / Special Gel Polish – Long, French Gel Polish, French Gel Polish with Glitter, Gel Polish with glitter – Short, Gel Polish with glitter – Long, Chrome Nails, Nail Strengthening Gel, Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nail, Nail Art (Per Finger), Swarovski Stones (Per Finger), 3D Nail Art (Per Finger), Farm Extensions, Acrylic Extensions New Set, Acrylic Refill, In-built Acrylic Nails, in-built French Nails, Gel Extensions New Set, Gel Refill, Gel Polish Removal & Application (Solid Colors), Gel Polish Removal, Extension Nail Removal

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